Burn Fat, Gain Muscle

The best part about Crossfit Mechanix is our community of members and coaches who will help you achieve your fitness goals. We aren’t a GloboGym— we are a locally-owned facility dedicated to the success of our athletes.


We Guarantee Results

By taking the guesswork out of your workout, Crossfit Mechanix can guarantee that you’ll burn fat, gain muscle, feel healthier, and love the process of doing it all. All you have to do is show up— we’ll do the rest, providing you with expert guidance, personalized workouts, dedicated coaching, and a positive environment.


1-On-1 or In a Group

We help you achieve your health and fitness goals through a personalized plan of nutrition and training. Whether you’re more comfortable in a private session with your own coach or in a supportive and fun group class, Crossfit Mechanix is here to help you shed those unwanted pounds, tone up your muscles, and feel better than ever.


Start The Journey To A New You

Whether through personal training, group classes, or a combination, Crossfit Mechanix will help you transform your health and fitness. What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose!