Welcome to the CrossFit Mechanix Blog

As I type this first blog entry, thoughts are racing through my head with excitement of ideas, stories, and life experiences with CrossFit that I am eager to share with you. While there are few things in life that I enjoy more than coaching and connecting with other Crossfitters inside and outside the box, I have found that there is just not enough time during a 1 hour training session to communicate with everyone about what's new with them or myself. I will attempt to share here what is on my mind that excites me everyday to see the familiar faces I have built relationships with. I hope that you will share as well in the comments with the goal to build a community that results in open dialogue and lasting relationships. I will do my best to keep blog entries 'brief' but sometimes my thoughts can be lengthy. 

This blog will be a culmination of posts from not just myself but other coaches and guests that share a similar passion of education, experience, and thoughts of the culture we know as CrossFit. That being said, we want to hear from you about what you have gained from being a Member of our fitness community at CFMX!

I am looking forward to continuing the great things happening at CrossFit Mechanix so strap in, this is going to be fun!