Reading the Whiteboard, Part I

Ah, the dreaded whiteboard.  Or in our case, the dreaded WOD posted in Wodify.  So let’s say the WOD looks something like this:


5 Hang cleans (155/95)

10 Deadlift (155/95)

15 Box Jumps (30”/24”)

What are some of your thoughts that come to mind?  How should you approach it?  There is an assumption that at times there may be some negativity associated with a person’s thoughts.  Thoughts or statements that say, “This is going to suck!”  “I can’t do that weight.”  “I think I’ll skip out on this one…I’m too sore.”  “OMG…what were the coaches thinking?”

So the first rule of “reading the whiteboard” is to BE POSITIVE.  Rule out all self-doubt.  Continue to think positively about the situation.  Remember CrossFit is for everyone!  It is scalable in all facets.  We can reduce the weights, use alternative movements, decrease the height, or modify movements if necessary.

The second rule is to COMMIT!  Yes your legs may be a bit sore.  Yes box jumps scare you!  Yes hang cleans can be a little difficult…and so on and so on.  However, I encourage you to trust your coaches.  I want you to know that we are looking out for your safety and each of us wants you to improve.  We also have a time domain in which you would complete the workout. There is an ideal time domain for each workout to maintain the intensity and maximum power output.

So now you know two things:


2.    COMMIT

Stay tuned for additional parts to this 'Reading the Whiteboard' blog series.


- Joe