Reading the Whiteboard, Part II

So now that you are committed and put yourself in a positive mental state, it’s time to EVALUATE the whole situation.  Which of the following movements are you good at?  What are the one(s) that you struggle with?  How many rounds are you planning to complete?  What are your EXPECTATIONS?


5 Hang cleans (155/95)

10 Deadlift (155/95)

15 Box Jumps (30”/24”)

I will assume I can do the METCON Rx and this is how I would quickly evaluate this METCON.  I would do each of the movements unbroken and rest between each movement until I am ready to go unbroken on the next movement.  For example, I would complete the 5 hang cleans unbroken, rest about 10 seconds, complete the 10 deadlifts unbroken, and move directly into the box jumps.  However with the box jumps, I will pace myself and consistently move.  

With this strategy, it would take me 2 seconds per hang clean, 2.5 seconds per deadlift (we’ll round up to 3 seconds), and 4 seconds per box jump (includes stepping down).

5 hang cleans X 2 seconds = 10 seconds

10 deadlifts X 3 seconds = 30 seconds

15 box jumps X 4 seconds = 1 minute

So for all the work put in, it will take me 1 minute, 40 seconds (100 seconds).  If I were to go all out for the entire 15 minutes, I could complete 9 full rounds.  The reality is I am not Rich Froning or Josh Bridges.  I’m just “Good ‘ole Joe.”  So I have to program in some rest times as well.  I’ll add some rest and transition times as well.

5 hang cleans X 2 seconds = 10 seconds

*rest 10 seconds

10 deadlifts X 3 seconds = 30 seconds

*5 second transition

15 box jumps X 4 seconds = 1 minute

*rest 10 seconds

Now the total time with work and rest is 2 minutes, 5 seconds (125 seconds.  So that would give me at least 7.2 rounds.  My goal would be to complete 7 rounds.  Anything extra is just icing on the cake.

So what I’ve done is a quick EVALUATION the METCON and set my EXPECTATIONS.   Thus far, we have covered:





Now I want you to get out some scratch paper and do the same.  Pick an appropriate weight and box height where you consistently move.  Let’s see how many rounds you EXPECT to complete.  3..2..1..GO!!!



Stay tuned for additional parts to this 'Reading the Whiteboard' blog series.