New Ownership at CrossFit Mechanix

Hi! We’re J.D. and Emily Frizzell, and we’re thrilled to be the new owners of CrossFit Mechanix. Since starting here in 2013, we’ve fallen in love with this gym and community of athletes. We’re thankful to Coach Stephen for entrusting us with this very special place.


As people who are passionate about fitness but aren’t health professionals by trade, we feel as though we bring a unique perspective to CFMX. J.D. is the Director of Fine Arts at Briarcrest, and Emily is Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Memphis. We have a two year old son, Henry, and two rescue mutts, Sally and Ari. We live 10 minutes down the road in Lakeland.

We believe that fitness is for everyone. Our goal is to make CrossFit Mechanix bigger and better by focusing on a few core values. We promise to be a place that prioritizes:

  1. Encouragement. We’re going to cheer you on whether you’re one of the fastest people or the last athlete to finish the WOD. From coaches to members, the people at CrossFit Mechanix want you to succeed.

  2. Tenacity. You’re going to work hard at our box— that’s why you’re here and not at some Globo-Gym. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we’ll push you to be your very best.

  3. Community. Our friendly, welcoming, and diverse community of athletes truly sets CrossFit Mechanix apart. We don’t just work out together, we play together! Social activities create a bond that allows us to know and understand each other better.

  4. Safety. Our coaches make sure that you are performing every single movement with skill, care, and precision. By providing focused warm ups and a Recovery Zone (ROMWOD, TheraGun, and AirRelax compression sleeves), we’ll keep your body flexible, nimble, and ready for the next challenge.

  5. Cleanliness. A gym should be a clean place. We work to ensure all of our equipment and facilities are sanitary, clean, and attractive.

We're both music teachers by trade, so even trying Crossfit was a bit scary for us at first.  However, once we did our first class, we were hooked!  The coaches made us feel super comfortable and safe even though we had never done most of the movements before.  If you’re looking to make a step towards a healthier, happier you, schedule a free 15-minute “no sweat” consultation with one of our coaches. There’s no cost and no obligation. They’ll listen to you, talk with you about your goals, and make a personalized plan for your success.