2015 Open

Finding a Gameplan for 15.3


The article below is based on the assumption that you scaled 15.3 properly, (after you swallowed your ego) and don’t end up with a lousy 3 reps because you aren't quite ready for muscle ups in a Metcon. Standard #20/#14, 10’/9’ target for Rx and #20/#10, 9’ target for men and women. Now we have an idea of how these reps will feel and we can start building a gameplan on how you break up the WBS(wallball shots) for your best score.

If you remember when we tackled the 5 - 2½  Minute Rounds of ME unbroken WBS + 30 sec plank(rest remainder of round), you may have the greater advantage tackling 15.3. I recall it was a Monday. 12/29/14 to be exact . Round 1 was most likely your best round.(unless you’re not human) Let’s say that you were feeling fresh from a light weekend and surprised yourself with an impressive 50 reps. With that in mind and 14 minutes on the clock, you would be well served to break up the sets into at least 3-4 sets. The breakdown below will help you stay moving and find that 'shot' sweet spot.

Your best unbroken WBS set    Recommended sets to hit 50 reps

50 reps @ 25-33%                        (13,13,13,11 or 20,15,15)

40 reps @ 25-33%(10,10,10,10,10 or 13,13,13,11)

30 reps @ 25-33%                         (10,8,8,8,8,8 or 10,10,10,10,10)

Double unders: Find a pace that will allow you to stay moving

Singles: Just jump. Use this time to get your breathing under control

Final thoughts: If you already have a solid gameplan, hit it hard. If you don’t, this might give you an idea of how to approach 15.3

- Stephen