Group CrossFit Fundamentals


Group CrossFit Fundamentals


   New to CrossFit? Our Fundamentals Program is the best way to get started!

Start your CrossFit training by learning the fundamentals of CrossFit in an educational, non-intimidating atmosphere with other beginners like yourself. At CrossFit Mechanix we have found that beginning with a program that starts with the fundamental movements of CrossFit and nutrition is the best recipe for your success and accomplishing your health and fitness goals. Get started today to see for yourself what makes CrossFit Mechanix unique and how we can better prepare you for whatever life throws your way.


  • 9 classes held M, Tu, Th 7am or 7pm. First class beginning first Monday of each month.
  • Limited space to ensure adequate attention is given.  Each coach is engaging, knowledgeable, and experienced with CrossFit training methodology and nutrition.
  • 60 minute classes include proper movement education/instruction, and workout. 
  • Am or PM class times to accommodate your schedule. Sign up below to reserve your spot today.
  • Questions? Contact us to learn more and Schedule your classes.
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