Take the first step to improving your health and fitness and find out what makes CrossFit Mechanix unique.


New to CrossFit? Our Fundamentals Program was built for beginners to learn the basics. 

Start your CrossFit training by learning the fundamentals of CrossFit in an educational, non-intimidating atmosphere  with other
beginners like yourself. At CrossFit Mechanix we have found that beginning with a program that starts with the basic
movements and nutrition is the best recipe for your success and accomplishing your health and fitness goals. 
Get started today and see how functional fitness excels where other programs fail. Want to learn on
a more personal level? Contact us for info regarding 1 on 1 CrossFit Fundamentals.

Begin With Fundamentals


Already experienced with CrossFit?

Take the next step to begin your CrossFit training at CrossFit Mechanix. Schedule a Free Assessment with one of our trained Coaches. 
This 1-on-1 assessment is a great way for us to learn about your goals, fitness background, and history with CrossFit. During
your assessment, you will be asked to perform a few movements which will allow us to have a better idea of your
strengths and weaknesses, as well as take note on any areas that may need attention. Everyone is unique
and this first assessment is a our to better serve you as a prospective member and athlete.

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